Very lazy pickled hot jalapeno – ớt jalapeno muối chua đơn giản nhất


Iam a crazy fan of jalapeno pickle. It’s not so hot to eat like other damn hot chili and it’s also sour enough to milden the fat of a hamburger. Jalapeno pickle works well with any instant bland noodle so that I feel more comfortable to eat that fat noodle every time I have no time to cook. And in some stormy snowy day like today, I feel even lazier. Sometimes Laziness brings me a new surprise.
I have liquid leftover from my last time store-bought jalapeno pickle and I was wondering if it can be useful for my fresh jalapeno in the fridge. We can’t know what it will be if we don’t give it a try. And the picture is my result. The taste is better than the storebought one and of course, it saves your money from leaving your pocket. Very easy and very quick.

– 2 – 3 fresh jalapeno, cut into 2 mm thick slides
– liquid from a store-bought jalapeno pickle

– put all fresh sliced jalapeno into the liquid
– wait for 3 days and it’s ready to serve with anything that you desire to eat.